Kinesiology Sessions

Wholistic Kinesiology is a system that uses muscle testing as feedback from the body to give information about how the body is functioning.  This feedback can then guide us as to which modalities (nutrition, bodywork, emotional work, energy changes, or interactions) to use to regain health.

Wholistic Kinesiology is different than Kinesiology in that it is used in a clinical setting to evaluate much more than muscle strength. It is the art and science of neuromuscular evaluation for optimizing health. Or simply put, it is a remarkable tool that allows you to speak to the body. If we want to get more complicated, it is a neurological test for evaluating the body’s electromagnetic potentials. When we do Kinesiology, we are working with the nervous system, which is an electrical system and has positive and negative flows. It creates an electromagnetic field around it (very measurable) and it can be shorted out just like our electrical systems in our homes. The Chinese systems of flow of electrical energy are called meridians. We make great use of the meridian flow pathways in the body in Kinesiology. The eastern medical practitioners have paved the way for us by literally mapping out electrical highways in the body.   If electrical energy is not flowing properly to an organ or muscle or joint we can detect this imbalance through testing the nervous system. This system of diagnosis may sound simplistic but it is very profound and valuable. We can literally ask the body how things are going internally.

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Fit Bodywrap Treatments

FIT Bodywrap® produces far infrared heat, which is light we can’t see, but can feel as heat. All warm blooded animals, including humans, generate this type of heat naturally to warm themselves, and more than half of the sun’s heat is infrared as well. Infrared heat warms us without warming the air around us and penetrates our bodies, rather than only heating the skin. The FIT Bodywrap generates infrared heat in the 5-15 micron wavelength, the same wavelength as the sun and our bodies produce, so it is safe and natural. Infrared as used in the FIT Bodywrap is known to help with a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

• Sweating consumes calories and a FIT Bodywrap session can induce 3-5 times more sweat than exercise alone.

• Infrared can rebalance metabolism directly speeding up the rate calories are burned even after a session.

• As organic acids are purged your fasting insulin levels may drop toward normal, this can assist with stopping your body from being pushed to store carbs as fat.

•  Fat becomes water-soluble at a body temperature of approximately 100.5 degrees F and can “melt” by breaking up into smaller particles, which can then be purged from the body through infrared induced sweating. (Yamazaki)

• Through Dr. Flickstein’s studies on infrared, he has discovered infrared can help the appearance of cellulite do its ability to help rebuild collagen connective tissue. Stronger collagen can help rearrange the fat deposits away from each other and the skin’s surface, and help prevent further accumulation of cellulite.

• Clinical research has established that an infrared treatment such as a FIT Bodywrap session can increase blood flow from 5-7 quarts/minute to as much as 13 quarts/minute. Therefore during a session there can be a substantial amount of nutrient and oxygen rich blood flowing which can help heal the body and relieve pain.

• Infrared is also known to act directly on irritated nerve endings. A 2008 study found that chronic pain patients experienced nearly a 70% reduction in pain levels after the first infrared therapy session

Purchased Individually:

1 - 60 Minute Bodywrap $50

Package Offer:

5 -  60 Minute Bodywraps $200

FIT Booster Spray:

Small Bottle $10

Large Bottle $20

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Bio-Mat Treatments

It's most important function is to produce far infrared rays of light that penetrate deeply into the body, warming all the cells and tissues evenly throughout. These rays are produced by rows of amethyst crystals that cover the entire surface of the Bio-Mat.

The body experiences far infrared rays differently from other types of heat. The warmth is very soothing and gentle, but it can also build up quite powerfully over time, depending on the temperature setting.

The BioMat Pro is highly recommended when the goals of treatment are whole-body in nature, such as these:

• Stress and anxiety relief

• Weight loss/management

• General health maintenance

• Chronic and acute pain relief

• Detoxification

• Core body temperature support

• Improved circulation

• Lymphatic drainage

• Persistent infection (like Lyme disease or other parasites)

30 Minutes $29.95

1 Hour $49.95

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Foot Detoxes

Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification removes harmful toxins and cellular wastes. Through the process of osmosis, oppositely charged particles like toxins are neutralized and eliminated from the body. The neutralized toxins are removed through the 2,000 sweat glands of the feet and are released into the water. This aids in weight loss, as the body rids itself of chemical wastes like fatty acids and subcutaneous fat that slow down metabolism and inhibit proper digestion.

Other ailments Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification can help with:

• Arthritis

• Autism

• Lack of Focus

• Improved Complexion

• Pain Management

• Exhaustion

• Mood Swings

• Back Pain

• Fibromyalgia

• Gout

• Insomnia

• Chronic Fatigue

• Numbness

• Low Energy Levels

• Diabetes

• Swollen Joints

Purchased Individually:

1 - 30 Minute Detox $39.95

Complete Detoxification Program:

15 - 30 Minute Detoxes $299.95

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Reiki is an energy balancing modality that brings a beautiful state of peace and joy in the body, mind and spirit. It helps remove blockages and restore your physical and emotional well being. If you are suffering from grief or just feeling stagnant this can help.

Reiki has also been thought of as a massage for the soul. It is very relaxing. Reiki mainly focuses on the subtler levels of being such as emotional and spiritual aspects, it can bring deep balance to the physical body.

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Angelic Healing and Energy Healing

Michael Guzzio, is a shaman, angelic healer and yoga teacher. Michael has over thirty years experience in working with prayer and different healing modalities. Michael has served the community as a youth pastor and minister. Michael is available for private healing sessions, workshops and retreats and Temazcal Sweat Ceremonies.

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