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Elevation Beach Fitness is a Room Temp and Hot Sand Yoga and Fitness studio located just two minutes away from our Elevation Yoga Studios!

We offer Room Temperature Sand Meditation and Yoga and well as Hot Sand Yoga and our most popular format - Hot Surfboard Sand Fitness/Yoga classes! With the use of the surfboard that is balanced on three air bladders it challenges your stability and gives your core an additional work out!

The Sand Floors in the studios help to support the joints in your floor series and gives an additional challenge in the standing series due to the ever changing sand floor.

You will want to come hydrated and bring an additional towel to help get the sand off (you will get sandy in any class). We recommend a thin yoga mat for the yoga and mediation classes - You may want to bring a large beach towel to place under the mat as well.

Our sand is sanitized with heat every day. During the summer months there will be an outdoor shower that you can use. We use very high levels of humidity at The Beach to keep a comfortable air environment!


Class Schedule

(Classes will say Beach - Room Temp or Beach - Hot Room

Beach Class Schedule