About our Classes

Doors open 15 minutes before class begins (unless otherwise noted on class description) - All of our classes may have the use of scents (essential oils, smudging etc) - Please check in for all classes at our shared front desk at our sister company iLash Factory - Elevation 2 (room temp) is across the parking lot from Elevation 1 (hot) and iLash Factory - We use a variety of lighting in our classes (candle lit, regular, black light, etc.) at our instructors discretion - Jade Mats are available to rent for $2 a session - Mats, Towels, Clothes and Water are all carried for purchase at the front desk - Please come hydrated!

  • 90 Minute Hot Yoga Flow - Come and unwind and recenter in this 90 minute hot  yoga flow set in a 105 degree setting. We will take our time warming up and then in meditation with a nice slow flow in the middle! The perfect 90 minute hot class!

  • Breathe (Room temp Guided Healing Meditation) - In this 30-45 minute room temperature guided meditation class in Studio 2 you will experience a lovely guided meditation to renew and reset! You will replenish and re-energize the mind, body and soul. (Please still bring a yoga mat to meditate on. You may also bring additional blankets if you wish)

  • Cozy - Warm Yoga - Is a 60 minute yoga class set to work on your form and begin to add postures together, in a 98 degree setting!

  • Free Community Hot Yoga - The Free to the community hot yoga class is set in a Hot 105 degree setting with a beginner to intermediate level flow for 60 minutes.

  • Hot Flow is a 60 minute hot Vinyasa yoga class set in a 105 degree setting that is flowing the postures together while maintaining a focus on form!

  • Hot Yoga is a great 60 minute yoga class set in a hot 105 degree setting. Working on alignment and form while beginning to flow postures together.
  • Hot Yoga Sculpt - In this 60 minute Hot Yoga Sculpt class set in a 105 degree setting you will flow postures together with the use of additional isometric movements and added weight and body weight for a full body toning yoga workout!
  • Kids Zone - This is a supervised 60 minute all ages kids play time in Studio 2 while their parent take class in Studio 1! We have books, toys, games for a fun filled 60 minutes!
  • Luminescence  - A hot 105 degree, 60 minute yoga class set in a black light room! This class is a mixture of a Hot Yoga and a Hot Flow giving you the perfect night time mix! Come in your bright clothes and glow the night away!
  • Room Temp Beginner to Yoga - Fundamentals - In this 60 minute room temp class held in studio 2, we will be going over the postures and adjusting your alignment to set you off with a great beginning to yoga! By going over the fundamentals of yoga you will be prepared to jump into any class!
  • Room Temp Gentle Hatha - Gentle Hatha Yoga is a great 60 minute gentle yoga class set in a Room Temperature setting in Studio 2. An amazing class for beginners or for the experienced yogi who is wanting to slow down, recenter and align their practice. Hatha is very breath centered, connecting every breath with each movement!
  • Room Temp Vinyasa Flow - In the 60 minute Room Temp. Vinyasa Flow Yoga class we will power flow postures together for a fun filled heart pumping Yoga class in Studio 2!
  • Room Temp. Yoga  - A 60 minute room temperature yoga class in Studio 2. Working on alignment and form while beginning to flow postures together! Great for the beginner or the experienced yoga enthusiast!
  • StrengthZen at the Barre - In this 45 - 60 minute toasty to warm temperature (85-95 degree) barre and yoga class we combine two of our popular classes Barre and StrengthZen. With the use of the barre, weights and resistance bands you are going to lengthen and strengthen in a fun fast paced flow!
  • Sunrise Hot Yoga - Sunrise Hot Yoga is a great 60 minute 5:30am yoga class set in a hot 105 degree setting. Working on alignment and form while beginning to flow postures together. Start your day with some sunrise yoga! Doors open at 5:25!
  • Toasty Warm Yin - This 60 minute Toasty Warm Yin class will be held in a 90-100 degree setting. Yin yoga is a deeply nourishing and slow-paced style of yoga that aims to bring balance to our active (Yang) practices and lifestyles. This 60 minute class focuses on gently stretching the connective tissue (fascia) throughout the body by holding each pose for 3 to 5 minutes, but not to worry, we do this with the help of gravity, props, and our breath, so you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! No prior yoga experience is necessary.